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February 2015


Constant V: (machine) knit

Thursday 29 January 18:00-21:00 – From 29 January to 7 March

Constant Rue du Fortstraat 5 1060 Brussels · Constant Rue du Fort straat 5, 1060 Bxl

Apart from turning thread or yarn into a piece of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other by hand with needles or by machine, to knit also means to become closely and firmly joined, to grow together, to combine from various elements.

The first Constant V starts with a knitting machine project: all parts of an open source automatized knitting machine (OpenKnit Wally 120) will be displayed in the window of Rue du Fortstraat 5, along with the bill of materials and some instructions. In the course of February, the parts will slowly morph into a machine. OpenKnit is a collaborative effort, some open hardware, snippets of free/libre code here and there and an inspired person leading the project, knitting the code, microcontrollers and lots of parts together.

You can visit this window exhibition till 7th March 2015.




January 2015

Hack the Knit

Chris and Andz from AYAB who joined us at our stand “Hack the Knit” at the Fosdem, a two day event to promote the widespread use of free and open source software.

fosdem4 fodem1


Hack the Knit – overview and troubleshoot

Workshop at w.o.l.k.e (Brussels) given with Wendy Van Wynesbergh. We showed the different hacks of knitting machines and look at potential problems in the hacks of the machines. We hacked kh 930 & Kh 910 brother knitting machines with AYAB shields and kh 940 with FTDI câbles and Knittington.  Chris and Andz from AYAB who joined us in the evening and gave us good tips and technical information for debugs as well as some deeper knowledge on how these machines work..


workshpwolke workshopwolke2


December 2014

Invited to give an introduction course on Textiles & Programming – open source tools for textiles  and knitting machine hacking workshop at L’Académie royale des beaux-arts of Brussels in the Master class of knitting design.


Invited by Stéphanie Vilayphiou to give an introduction course with her on Textiles and Programming at “Ecole de recherche graphique (E.R.G),_textile#Petit_exercice_d.27.C3.A9chauffement

November 2014

kikkmarket1 kikkmarket2

kikk good

When? 6/7 th of November 2014

Where? Namur, Belgium

I’m making a special production of knitted glitch scarves and algorithmic knitted patterns for the KIKK market in Namur, Belgium. They will be sold at the KIKK market and i will make demos of the hacked knitting machine too!



Residency at TAMAT in Tournai for one year of artistic research. My project will be involving electronic textiles and hacked knitting machines…

July 2014

For 1 week i participated at the Etextile Summer Camp that was happening in Paillard, France. A week of workshops and talks on energy harvesting, silkscreen circuit printing, 3D printing, and traditional textile techniques combined with electronics. I gave with Maurin Donneaud a workshop on hacked knitting machines. The workshop explorations were on sound and pattern using Knithack and Pure Data to knit out sound cartography’s. Here is more info and documentation:


A great project made by Ejtech at the workshop:

We also started to experiment further with the idea to integrate sound by knitting speakers and using conductive thread in the sound pattern so that the textile would act like an antenna as you approach it and hear the orginal music recording of the pattern.

summercamp proje summercamp proj 1 summercamp proj

Project by Claire Williams, Irene Posch and Martin De Bie

More pictures here

Project link e textile summercamp 2014

April 2014

I was invited to show a few of my glitch knittings at the 2nde annual ETIB gathering in Berlin. Workshops and talks on knitting, hacking, opens source tools for embroidery machines, glitch knitting, algorithms and patterns, mathematical knitting etc…

TrafopopJeff GlitchausVarvara & Mar – EmbroiderModderDaina Taimina – AYABSo Kanno – fbz- Martin  bitcraftlab bontanica mathematica

Mars 2014

Back to Ker Thiossane a Fablab in Dakar 


We launched for 3 weeks the first series of workshops for the inauguration of the Fablab in Dakar at Sicap Libertés II. This project was created through Ker Thiossane, villa for arts and multimédia practices based in Dakar.

Different local practices and backgrounds were invited such as dress makers, textile designers, artistes, graphic designers, carpenters, dyers, chemists, developers and electricians as well as 18 girls from the neighbourhood social centre who learned sewing and embroidery. The workshops were dedicated to transmitting and sharing knowledge focused on the theme of common goods and open source tools.


-hack of the knitting machine (brother kh 930)

-C.N.C milling of wood block stamps for textile printing

-Natural dying experiments with local plants, barks and food compost

-Pattern and knitting remix

-Textile posters and bags for Afro Pixel festival


. Olivier Heinry (France), artiste formateur membre actif des fablabs de Nantes
. Claire Williams (Belgique) artiste designer-textile
. Fabien Cornut (France), artiste infographiste
. Fatou Thiaw (Sénégal), Monitrice Couture
. M. Ndoye (Sénégal) expert en teintures végétales
. Mamadou Ndiaye SèneSaer Mbodji de l’Océanium Dakar
. Ken Bugul (Sénégal), écrivain

Workshop photos and info here

Documentation on techniques and recipes on the wiki

hack carteHack with a vinyle plotter to make punch card knitting machine (kh 860)

IMG_5137_copyC.N.C milling with a ShapeOko



 Preparing dye extraction and mordant with local plants for textile dying




November 2013

Defaral Sa Labo – Fablab a Dakar

On a mission to preconceive a future fablab in Dakar, Senegal at the Kerthiossane villa for art and multimedia. This first trip was really a great experience! We were a small group of locals and French people from different disciplines who were on mission to think about how a fablab could be (re)imagined within an African context. I was called to think about how local textile artisans working in the neighbourhood could be involved in this fablab. Using open source tools, transmitting and sharing different knowledges: how could these digital technologies be useful for craftsmen who still have ancestral techniques in their practices? But maybe even more importantly, how their textile knowledge and the local material they produce be a power supply to these digital machines and tools? We met a lot of different people from street carpenters, weavers, potters, recyclers, young girls learning sewing in social centres  to textile designers, engineers, community’s of apprenticeship, co working spaces and innovative business models….Everyone was really enthusiastic! It was also very interesting about the choices we had to make on the machines we brought due to the hot weather and dust but especially because it is very expensive or hard to find parts of machinery or electronics if it breaks. The philosophy and use of these open source technologies in the African continent appeared to be very handy. Indeed, having a local and inexpensive production space to reproduce bit’s and pieces to create, upgrade or repair something is crucial to keep a lot of peoples work going on. The other major problem that these craftsmen, textile designers, engineers… suffer from is also that the raw material coming from Africa (cotton for example) is always exported to foreign countries for transformation and comes back very expensive and in poor quality. We thought the project in a way so that at a small neighbourhood fablab could be a place where you could create your own chain of transformation of local material to prototyping a  production. For example you could transform your raw African cotton with a motorised spinning wheel. Then dye it with recycled compost and tinctorial plants in a dyeing vat. Transform your thread in a textile surface with weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery and finally sew it into a garment.

With: Marion Louisgrand, Ker-Thiossane,Dakar,  Dodji Honou, Woélab de Lomé, Togo, Olivier Heinry, Ping, Nantes, Camille Bosqué, PHD at Rennes.










When/Where?  On the 7th of November 2013 at Kikk festival in Namur, Belgium

Workshop to explore knitted glitches with a hacked knitting machine

more info here: kikk festival

kikkWorkshop session:

-Presentation of textiles and digital mediums:


– Showing different kind of glitches playing with file formats and tricking software (Raw format, Photoshop, Audacity..)We did some experimenting also with processing to create computer generated patterns. And finally changing an image to a knitting pattern so that it can be knitted from the hacked knitting machine.

So Kanno had also made for us a great pattern generator with Processing and with CA’s that we experimented with. Here are some examples:

Here is a tutorial i made to explore glitch in knitting pattern: how to make a glitch and transform it for knitting


tumblr_mrnmw4oDly1st8ta4o1_1280 - copie 3

_dentelle11 life_25-3_2 LP typogl

bhbh damiiiii glitch 1touareg images looona3 looooooona pattern game life  tumblr_mai4mf9F7D1rh0aljo1_500






The knitting machine herself gave some glitches to the knits!



When/Where? 01/10/2013 for” la Quinzaine Numérique” at Mons, Belgium

Open HardWare/libre SoftWear

Un workshop autour des pratiques textiles associées avec des outils numériques libres (Floss – en soft et hardware). Nous utiliserons une machine a tricoter hackée avec l’outil /Knitic/. En la connectant avec un ordinateur, la machine devient une sorte d »imprimante textile. En parallèle nous transformerons un textile en surface conductible afin de l’utiliser comme clavier d’ordinateur. Incluant Make my Makey Makey Myself!

Workshop in collaboration with Wendy Van Wynsberghe


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