Tools for computer generated patterns

A list of things i gathered up mostly open source tools involving textiles and soft materials:

Pattern Generators:


Pixel sorting and split scanning – Processing sketch :http: //

Mosaic Knitting Pattern generator:

Maze generator for knitting chart:

 Lace pattern – applet :

Tartan Generator :

Random knitting chart – generator:

Random crochet – generator:

Random pixel generator:

Cellular automata – Java applets:

Penrose tilling – applet :

Truchet tiles – processing sketch:

Truchet tiles – online applet:

Taparat applet, a computer generated Islamic pattern  :

Applet to draw symmetrical patterns :

Tessellation– Java Applet online:

Paper folding tessellation:

Origami tessellation- tutorial:

Origami and crystallographic notation:    

Fractals and tessellations

Fractal tutorial (fr):

Pattern and latin square (motif et carrés latin)

Random Stitch Chart – generator:

Mathematical knitting and crochet

Software and converters:

Oknitme (Transforms patterns to make your own punched cards with a vinyl cutter)

Valentina (Open Source pattern making program for clothing)

KnitML (knitting pattern with algorithm and XML)

Kxstitch  (for creating cross stitch charts for Linux!)

Crochet Lathe – Calculates your rows and stitches for crochet when you want to do geometrical shapes:

Stitch Maps – Creates a new way of viewing your knitting chart:

Picascii – Transforms a picture in ASCII:

Microrevolt -To transform a picture into a knitting grid :

My photo stitch – To transform a picture in a cross stitch chart:

Gimp & G’mic plugin : open source software for transforming images for knitting with dithering algorithms as well as many filters and scripts to generate patterns.

Design your own Torchon lace patterns:

Bobbine Lace software :

Sewing machine hacks:

Hacked sewing machine in embroidery machine:

Cnc sewing machine:

Hacked sewing machine with sensors:

Knitting machine hacks:

Ayab hack pour la kh 910, kh 930 (kh 940 pour bientôt!) Open Source- Arduino/C++/Python  – Linux, Windows, Osx

Knitic  kh 930 ,kh 940 –  Open Source – Arduino/Processing – Linux, Windows, Osx

So Kanno brother kh 970, kh 940, Ck35  –  Open Source – Arduino/Processing – Linux, Windows, Osx

Hacks with  FTDI cable:

Knittington  (Software for sending patterns with FTDI cable) kh 930, kh 940, kh 950 – Open Source – Linux, Windows, Osx

DaviWorks  (How to make an FTDI cable and software for sending patterns) kh 930 – kh 940 – kh 950 – Windows, Osx (free for 100 needles ~ 60$)

Becky Stern, Adafruit  – (How to make an FTDI cable / Python)  – Open Source – Linux, Windows, Osx

Fabienne Hacked knitting creations  – Cable FTDI and emulateur – Open Source – Linux, Windows, Osx

Open Source weaving projects:

Osloom , Open source jacquard loom

Lasercut backstrap loom:

E textile:

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    […] my page of Tools to create and explore computer generated patterns you can find some programs to generate Penrose […]

  2. Ellentriek » Blog Archive » Open Hardware / Libre Softwear Says:

    […] If you want inspiration or use some tools to generate patterns for knitting here is a list. […]

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